Poor room acoustics are the number one killer of an awesome sound system. ATI provides targeted acoustical design and installation for new and existing venues. So whether you're building or retrofitting, we can quickly evaluate your space and improve the listening experience of your guests. We also strive to provide solutions that compliment the architecture of the building, so everything looks and sounds great!

Broadcast Engineering

We are fluent in the vast spectrum of broadcast, IPTV, multi-media, electronic journalism, production, post-production, digital asset management, archiving facilities, and distribution technologies. You can rely on ATI to deliver top-notch consulting, systems design, integration, service, support, training, and professional product needs!

Consulting and Commissioning

At ATI, our consulting and commissioning services allow you a single point of contact for a fully coordinated and integrated technology design approach throughout your project. The value of an integrated design approach provides you with a cost-effective, efficient and creative technology solution.


Today’s complex AV solutions require a new level of detail and design that includes custom fabrication. At ATI we can help integrate loudspeaker designs into environments that completely hide them yet deliver unparalleled performance, we can also develop and fabricate complex sample accurate “on board” audio systems for gravity coasters, and other themed attractions. Our custom fabrication skills are the best in the industry, if you can imagine it, we can build it.

Lighting Design

Let us handle your permanent lighting system! We offer complete design specification and systems installation for theatrical lighting, dimming systems, rigging systems, studio pipe grids, stage curtains, exterior specialty lighting, architectural lighting, and more. We also offer service and maintenance for your current system.


The complex demands of today's themed attractions require a unique blend of engineering and practical testing to assure your investment is executed flawlessly. By offering the space and technology necessary to “mock-up” and test ride systems, acoustic environments, complex projector mapping, etc., we can help guarantee your project will succeed no matter how complex.

Show Control and Automation

Today's complex theme parks require complex ride control systems. Utilizing technologies from old fashion relays to advanced computerized show control such as Alcorn McBride and Medialan, we can program and design any show control scenario you can dream up.

Sound Design

Each system is carefully designed to suit the needs, budget and functionality of the venue. Our expert audio designs guarantee your sound system delivers clean, beautiful sound. We understand that sound is a big part of creating an atmosphere that works with your venue and helps make it more captivating and comfortable to experience.

Video Engineering

From Legacy RF to ever-changing IP platforms, ATI will provide direct support to service providers regarding any of our video technology. Whether you're dealing with contract compliance or complex networks, we take the time to guide you through your video service.

Video Mapping

Video Projection Mapping is a specialized process where software is used to distort and disguise a projected image to fit on an irregularly-shaped screen. This process can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display, creating an installation that transcends ordinary projection. Allow our mapping team to take your vision and turn it into a irregularly-shaped reality!