Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson • Senior Project Manager

Robert Johnson, our Senior Project Manager, Studied radio & television broadcasting at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts and biomedical engineering at Schoolcraft College. After graduation, Rob started a career as the General Manager of the largest DJ store in the Midwest, Including their install and production divisions. Rob led the installation of audio, lighting and control systems at over 50 midwest nightclubs. He was also an integral part of the Detroit techno scene, providing production audio & lighting during the birth of EDM in the early 90s, while being a working DJ for 20+ years.

After getting married in 2000, Rob started AV integration company KHz Systems. They specialized in background music integration, nightclubs and cellular technology. In 2003, Rob moved to Arizona after being recruited by Atlas Sound to become their Western Regional Sales Manager. While at Atlas, he worked on projects such as the Phoenix and Denver airport remodels and providing sound for NHRA drag races. From 2005 to 2014, Rob worked as a captive and manufacturers’ rep for Martin Audio, EAW, Mackie, Presonus, Powersoft, Genelec and others handling sales, technical and design support for the western US. This involved working closely with consultants and integrators on projects in every type of conceivable integration. These included stadiums (Cubs, Mesa, AZ), theaters (Mesa Performing Arts), retail, casino (Wynn Encore), hospitality (Starwood), restaurants, nightclubs (Light, Chateau, 1OAK), convention (Hard Rock Las Vegas), themed entertainment (City Walk) and concert production (Electric Daisy Carnival).

After working with All Things Integrated as a customer for a number of years, Rob decided to join the team at ATI. Upon being integrated into the company, he said “Bob and I have the same philosophy on design, integration and the customer experience we want to provide”. Rob has a hands-on approach to project management, often spending extended hours on site making sure things are installed to his high standards. While working for ATI Rob has managed multiple projects including Hard Rock Casino Lake Tahoe, The Magic Theater at Studio City in Macau, The Arlo Nomad Hotel in Manhattan and multiple projects included in the Las Vegas Downtown project (Venue of Vegas, Container Park, Zappos World Headquarters).

Some Interesting Projects Rob has worked on:

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV.
Property wide AV Design Build, including 3 nightclubs, 2 theaters, and 6 restaurants.

Mega Magic Theater, Studio City, Macau
Project wide Design and Project Management, 3 theaters, 2 cue areas, and 1 restaurant.

GameWork’s, Vegas, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Denver, Minnesota, Schaumburg.
Project wide Design Build for all locations, including bowling alleys, game floors, restaurants, dark rides, laser tag, and E-Sports.

Dream Play, City of Dreams, Manila
Project wide Design, including 12 attractions, BGM, F&B, and other small various gag’s.

National Geographic FEC’s, multiple locations throughout China.
Project wide Design Build, each location includes approximately 10 attractions, BGM, F&B and other small various gag’s.