Franz Harary House of Magic | Macau

We did a number of projects at Melco-Crown’s Studio City in Macau. Studio City is a Hollywood themed casino resort on the Co-Tai Strip. The Main project was the Franz Harrary House of Magic. There are 5 separate performance spaces at the theater, 2 smaller theaters where patrons enjoy magic from a mix of magicians that rotate on a monthly basis. there are then 2 staging areas for people to switch between the smaller theaters and the larger main. So if you see the show you are spit into 2 groups. You go to one small theater, then to wait area 1 then the other theater then wait area 2 where the groups come together for the big show in the main theater. Every part of the experience has full AV implantation including audio, video, theatrical and house lighting control, theatrical production and wireless mics. We provided design, equipment and project management and worked closely with Miziker entertainment on this project.

Miziker also designed the orb of infinite wisdom which sits in a large area open thru two floors.
We were brought in to design and implement the on board audio system. The Orb needed audio to be hidden underneath the orb in a very compact area requiring a very unique design. We constructed and tested in Los Angeles the disassembled the entire unit for shipping to Macau where it was then assembled onsite.

We also provided a portable Pro Tools surround system for the Batman Dark Ride at Studio City.
Engineers from Skywalker Sound came out and did the final mix for the ride audio while on the ride itself.